Tracking of sanitization activities through the registration with the EIFEC Compliance Register

The special assurance mechanism activated by EIFEC during epidemic periods, through its Compliance Register, aims at: 
fulfilling the requirement of transparency of sanitization actions performed, which are registered each one with an independent third party; 
giving public evidence, visibility, and assurance to the compliance of these actions, creating added value and competitive advantage for organizations and SSPs;
allowing immediate and consistent identification of an International Standard Certification applied at the global level. 


All organizations shall have a procedure for tracking the requested activities of sanitization, whether made by themselves or outsourced to a Sanitisation Service Provider (SSP).

If made "in-house", the completion of sanitization activities can be registered periodically with the EIFEC Register through a simplified process: upon each registration, a "Certificate of Sanitization" will be issued for internal records and public display.
But also Sanitization Service Providers shall have a procedure for issuing to their clients such a Certificate, whose issuance is generally a contractual obligation.

So, any SSP which is certified or has started the certification process (receiving the Interim "SSP-CMS Certification Process Activation") shall obtain from the EIFEC Compliance Register a "Certificate of Sanitization" for each of its Sanitization activities, for internal records and conveyance to the client.

The certificate displays the key identifiers, such as date, place and target (shop, factory, office, etc.), type of sanitization process, technology and methodology employed, products used, and any other identifiers that may be necessary or requested. 

The Certificate also states that the sanitization process has been performed in compliance with all guidelines, regulations, best practices and technical specifications applicable

The validity of each Certificate can be easily verified by scanning the included QR code or in the specific section of the ECR website. 

Given the life-threatening context, as well as to fight the possible abuse of the Certificate, an enhanced Complaint process is also available: the Register accepts formal complaints from any party, relating to potential breaches of the sanitization process or any suspect of abuse, fraud, dishonesty or similar misconduct.