A specific registration mechanism is activated and available at EIFEC Compliance Register (Brussels)  during epidemic periods with the scope of:

fulfill the requirement of transparency of the sanitation actions performed, which are registered each one with an independent third party;
give public evidence, visibility, and assurance to the compliance of these actions, creating added value and competitive advantage;
allow immediate and consistent identification of an International Standard Certification applied at the global level.

Organizations can register periodically the completion of sanitization/ cleaning activities in a simplified process.
Upon each registration, the so-called "Certificate of Sanitization" will be issued for organization records and public display.

The validity of each Certificate can be easily verified by scanning the included QR code or in the specific section of the Register website.

Given the life-threatening context and to fight the possible abuse of the CMS Certification and the Certificate of Sanitization, an enhanced Complaint process is available.

The Register accepts formal complaints from any party, relating to potential breaches of Sanitization Process/policy or any suspect of abuse, fraud, dishonesty or similar misconduct.

In general, non-compliance with the EU Transparency Code of Conduct, to which EIFEC is binded, by registrants/members or by their representatives may lead, following an investigation paying due respect to the principle of proportionality and the right of defence, to the application of measures such as suspension or removal from the ECR Compliance Register.

A decision to apply such measures may be published on the register's website.

Complaints may be submitted by completing a the form on the website of the Register. That form contains information about the Registrant being complained about, the name and contact details of the complainant and details about the complaint, including, in principle, documents or other materials supporting the complaint. Anonymous complaints shall not be considered. 

Anyone may lodge a complaint, substantiated by material facts, about suspected non-compliance, abuse, fraud dishonesty or similar misconduct.

Procedure for the investigation and treatment of complaints.

EIFEC has specific regulation for Procedure for the investigation and treatment of complain.

The document is available for download here

All efforts are made to keep highest confidentiality on information received and correctness in checking evidence.