Compliance Management System
for Sanitization Service Providers
in epidemic context


This International Standard specifies requirements and provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing, and improving an effective and responsive Compliance Management System in an epidemic context for Sanitization Service Providers. It helps them to comply with Guidelines and Regulatory Frameworks and voluntary commitments applicable to their activities, as well as prevent, detect, and respond to non-compliance events.

Given the non-ordinary context triggered by the epidemic, in order to "not leave behind ordinary people and simplest organizations" and "help them to remain safely in business and give assurance to the public that they are doing the right things, being compliant", a simplified version of this Standard has been created as well, for the benefit of all Micro, Small and Medium SSP Enterprises.

Neither of the two Standards specifically address how to develop a specific Risk Management System (formal or informal): they deal with how to formalize, manage and document SSP Compliance with Guidelines and Regulatory Frameworks.
Besides, any SSPs willing to implement within their company also a comprehensive Health Emergency Risk Compliance Management System (HER-CMS) may apply the Standard EIFEC ES2001.06:HBY/HER or its simplified version (EIFEC ES2001.06:HBY/HER-S), based on their type, size, and legal nature.

The CMS can be stand-alone or integrated into an overall management system, and the Standards can be used in conjunction with other management system standards (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 19600) and management standards (e.g., ISO 26000 and ISO 31000).


This Standard is suitable only for SSP organizations, and includes a specific guidance for use.



This simplified Standard is customized for MSM SSPs, and entails a simplified audit process.