HER-CMS Health Emergency Risk Compliance Management System in epidemic context


The present situation requires non only the development of proper emergency practices, policies and procedures, but also the possibility of making them certified by accredited qualified third parties (Assurance aim): all new Regulatory Frameworks have to be put into a proper compliance process, which shall undergo verification and validation by impartial experts.

Any Certification needs the provision by an independent body of a written assurance (i.e. a certificate) that specific requirements are met: this demands the maximum effort of standardization, since Standards are “an agreed way of doing things”, help organizations in managing their procedures, and may include – as in this case – the requirements against which a process can be certified.

For this reasons, with the support of UNIFEC, HEALTHBY, and other expert groups EIFEC has developed the new emergency International Standards series EIFEC ES2001.06:HBY, which are powerful tools that can make organizations more effective in their fight against Covid-19, and people’s everyday lives safer and healthier. This Series include two different kinds of Standards:

Health Emergency Risk
Compliance Management System

The EIFEC ES2001.06:HBY/HER INTERNATIONAL STANDARD can be adopted and implemented by all organizations, regardless of their size and kind of business, since all of them are called upon to run an adequate program for the overall management of the prevention and containment of the health emergency by Covid-19, based on their complexity and risk profile.


Compliance Management Systems
for Sanitization Service Providers (SSP-CMS)

The EIFEC ES2001.06:HBY/SSP INTERNATIONAL STANDARD is specifically addressed to Sanitization Service Providers, based on the fact that one of the most critical measures for the management of the epidemiological emergency is the deep cleaning and Sanitization of any indoor or delimited places, an activity that must be reiterated periodically, often at very short intervals.