Training course on 
Sanitization and Cleaning   

The special assurance mechanism activated by EIFEC during epidemic periods, through its Compliance Register, aims at: 
fulfilling the requirement of transparency of sanitization actions performed, which are registered each one with an independent third party; 
giving public evidence, visibility, and assurance to the compliance of these actions, creating added value and competitive advantage for organizations and SSPs;
allowing immediate and consistent identification of an International Standard Certification applied at the global level. 


We are living unprecedented and dramatic times: after months of lockdown the desire to restart is great, but so (and perhaps even more so) is the risk of resurgence of the pandemic.
To safeguard everyone's work, but above all the health and well-being of any people, it is important to make and maintain the environments in which we live and work healthy enough to allow us to gradually return to normal and resume – completely safe – everyday activities.
EIFEC, in cooperation with the University of Turin - Dbios and other institutions and experts, has thus prepared an online course that can be used by any organization wishing to properly sanitize and keep clean of viruses and pathogens its own spaces, structures and premises. 

The course is intended for both professional operators and service/business organizations’ owners engaged in cleaning and sanitizing activities within living environment and/or working spaces.
The aim of the course is to train those in charge of hygienic maintenance procedures to effectively clean and sanitize any location, furniture, tool etc. (with the exclusion of aspects related to safety at work and referred to the Legislative Decree 81/08, which are objects of further specific training).
In particular, the fundamentals needed to understand and develop a suitable preventive strategy to mitigate/contrast the spread of SARS-COV 2 will be dealt with.
Attendees at the course will be able to suitably manage the necessary cleaning and sanitizing activities, which shall concern also the various components of all locations to be treated, i.e. equipment and any other items that may be present.
In addition, specific behaviors will be acquired for the sanitization of common areas, including toilets.
No particular prerequisites are needed for participating in the course.

  • Cleaning and sanitization objectives
  • Brief hints about the risks of ineffective cleaning/sanitization
  • Analysis of the main chemical products in current use: advantages, disadvantages, limits
  • The use of physical agents (e.g. UV and Ozone): advantages, disadvantages, limits
  • Manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning: advantages, disadvantages, limits
  • The SARS-COV 2 problem: how it has been addressed from the point of view of cleaning and sanitization
  • The correct use of protective equipment
  • Importance of air exchange and air conditioning in environmental sanitization
  • Explanatory examples: how to sanitize surfaces, how to sanitize equipment
  • Sanitization waste management

 At the end of the course, an official Certificate of Participation will be issued to each attendee.